A company part of DEK Technologies group.

Through specialisation and innovation, dependability and dedication, one company is developing tomorrow’s technology.

Highly motivated and specialized people take care of all aspects of project development, from system studies, design implementation and verification through to product maintenance and support.

DEK Italia, a subsidiary of DEK Technologies Pty Ltd, was founded in 2008 with the aim to provide its customers with both high expertise and local presence.

DEK Technologies is an Australian consultancy company based in Melbourne. DEK opened in 1999 by Drini, Eddie and Kerim ( DEK).

All three have a background from development of Telecom solutions. When Ericsson, in 2002/2003, closed their R&D office in Melbourne, DEK started its expansion by employing the very best and most experienced developers from former Ericsson.

DEK Technologies become a high competence company and in 2004 we signed our first frame agreement with Ericsson. Then more and more customers are coming into DEK's radar of operations.

We are experts in telecommunications, virtualization and cloud, as well as in M2M applications in which we practice Continuous Integration.

Within these areas we cover all the product development phases, from feasibility study and development to testing, maintenance and support with a special attention applying Agile methodology.

Today, DEK consists of four different offices: DEK Technologies Australia (Au), DEK Technologies Italy (It), DEK Technologies Sweden (Se) and DEK Technologies Vietnam (Vn).