Termogea is a smart monitoring and control system for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) plants. As a result of more than 5 years of research in the field of thermal and electronic systems, Termogea provides all necessary functions to maximize the efficiency and minimize consumption. It can handle the classical HVAC systems such as radiators and fan coils as well as more sophisticated radiant floor/ceiling panels and dehumidifiers.

All products of the Termogea product line provide remote control via smartphone app by default. They feature smart thermostat algorithms by learning the families habits and controlling the environment temperature and humidity accordingly. The automatic consumption analysis and notification of selected events allow the system to be most efficient.

Termogea is an innovative system based on Open Source technology which leads to continuous development of new functionality by its development community. Software updates are delivered directly to the connected devices each time an improvement has been released.

Furthermore, the integration with Cloud services allow for a customized system which is always up to date.


Handling of radiant floor/ceiling panels and dehumidifiers, Automatic fan speed control based on temperature setpoint


Handling of air exchange, Integration with the heating and cooling functionality, Automatic ventilation based on schedule, humidity and C02.


Integration of low temperature radiant floor/ceiling panels and high temperature radiators, Multiple zone and multiple floor support for best comfort


Automatic schedule programming thanks to the self learning functionality, Notifications of abnormal events and consumptions


Dew point calculation, managing of dehumidifiers to speed up the dehumidification process


Integrated Internet services, Security and privacy features, Automatic energy grade calculation

User controls

Touch panel

A simple and stylish Touch Panel with an integrated temperature sensor can be installed in each zone for individual zone control and measurement. It allows to disable or enable a zone manually, change its temperature set point and, if needed, to select the season mode with a simple touch.

All touch panels are connected via a single bus (RS485/Modbus) to the controller device which makes installation very easy. Communication via a wired bus is recommended for new buildings as it requires cabling but it is the most reliable and secure option.

For easy and intuitive control of multiple zones a 7" Touch Display is available. It connects to the controller device in the local network via Wifi or Ethernet cable. It provides an overview screen of all available zones.as well as single zone screens with continuously updated data.

Enabling/disabling of each zone, set point modification and schedule programming is possible.

Additional features like full screen digital clock, 7-day weather forecast or digital picture frame in standby mode make this display a smart object, that can easily be placed anywhere in the house. There is no need to decide a fixed location so it can move to a different room if you feel like changing. Also multiple displays can be used in different places.

7" Touch Display

Web interface

The Web Interface can be accessed anywhere from any connected device like a PC or tablet. It  allows to monitor and control the parameters of each zone and shows real time sensor data. Furthermore the weekly schedules can be displayed or modified.

For data analysis graphs for historical sensor data as well as energy consumption are provided. More sophisticated tools show specific efficiency parameters which help saving costs.


The Termogea Smartphone App is used to easily access your plant when you are away on an Android or iPhone device. This allows to check the temperature and humidity sensor data remotely and make adjustments as needed. A zone can be enabled/disabled if necessary so you get the desired temperature by the time you get back home.

The app can also turn a spare smartphone or tablet into a Wifi connected user terminal which can be placed at any convenient location in the house.

The app is available for free from the Android play store and Apple App Store.


Smartphone app


HVAC device control

Temperature and humidity control using different heat/cooling devices such as radiators, fan coil, radiant floor/ceiling.

Multiple zone handling

Multiple zones can be monitored and controlled separately by a single controller.

Fan speed control

The fan speed of fan coils or dehumidifiers is automatically adjusted as necessary to limit ambient noise.

Multiple sensor type support

Different sensor types like 1-wire bus, Modbus or I2C bus temperature and humidity sensors can be used.

Dew point monitoring

In cooling mode, dew point monitoring is active to start dehumidification if there is the risk of condensation.

Programmable weekly schedule

A weekly schedule for the desired room temperatures can be programmed for each zone and season with an intuitive graphical interface.

Manual/automatic temperature selection

The desired room temperature can be determined from the weekly schedule or overridden manually.

Wired user panel

Wired user terminals via reliable industry standard Modbus/RS485 connections can be installed for local zone control.

Multiple zone touch panel

7" touch screen for multiple and single zone control screens with Wifi and Ethernet connection.

Native smartphone app

Smartphone app for Android and iOS allow remote control of each zone wherever you are.

Web interface

A dedicated web interface provides the possibility to monitor and control each zone, as well as visualize historical data graphs and consumption analysis.

Alarm handling

Alarm notifications are generated for abnormal events like equipment failure or exceeding defined sensor data thresholds

Where to buy

For sales information or more detailed technical documentation please refer to the Termogea web site.